"The Confirmation"


As I type this I am an African American male. Age:26. Occupation: United States Army Department of Defense personnel. Location: Secret (Deployed). I lie here at 10:30 pm still in disbelief. Completely shocked at how short the span of 8 years has been. It felt like 2 weeks ago when I lined up outside of Rolling Hills Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama awaiting my very first opportunity to vote for the next President of the United States of America. It was a cold, fall day in Alabama, and also my birthday. Becoming officially legal to vote on the EXACT same day as the election was by far one of the luckiest days of my life. From 2008's "Yes We Can" to 2012's "Yes We Will" and concluding 2016 with "Yes We Did" Barack Obama changed the perspective of not only African Americans but people all over the world. He gave us hope. He humbly showed us that becoming an African American male President in one of the most racist countries in the world was possible. Seeing a man that looked like me in control of our government was historical. There's a joy when your high school team wins the state championship. There's an excitement when your favorite college team wins the NCAA tournament. But there is an indescribable feeling that comes over you when the unthinkable and unimaginable happens. We as a race were once counted as 3/5 of an actual human being. Today we are the Commander In Chief. The highest position our government holds. It was told to us as kids that "you can be whatever you want to be, even the president". The older I got the more unrealistic it sounded. November 4, 2008 he proved it possible. He was "the confirmation". With untouchable swagger, unmatchable character, and influence that touched millions he was the father figure some men today don't have. The male role model for women to find in a significant other. The remarkably cool "Uncle Obeezy" that we all wish we actually knew and could hang out with on the weekends. As a soldier in the United States Army I salute you sir, President Obama. As an African American brother to another, thank you. You did a phenomenal job. I wish you, Michelle and the rest of your beautiful family nothing but success in the future. 




Specialist Isaac Fitch, US ARMY


Happy 2017 beautiful people. As always, and every year, there are those New Year New Me posts. Normally I frown upon those with the QUICKNESS! But let's be honest, if it didn't work last year then a "New you" might be in order. Maybe it's not a "new you" that needs to be produced. Maybe it's just slight, certain habits or tendencies you need to change about yourself that will help you progress throughout the new year and hopefully set yourself up for a lifetime of continuedprogress. I know what I need to work on personally and it could also be your "oh that's definitely me". 

Invest! There are a million and one things we can "invest" in. You've got Nasdaq, Nike, Apple, Dow Jones, and the list goes on. That just names a few. Did you see your name? Neither did I. And that is what we need to change!

To get to where we want in life we must be equipped when we get there. We can pray and pray for where we want God to put us, and what significant other we want him to send. If we aren't doing the proper preparations and ground work for ourselves, when we finally receive it we won't be ready. This new year we need to learn how to INVEST in ourselves. I know, there are many ways to look at that challenge. This is my 2017 challenge to myself. You can also accept this challenge and even challenge someone else! Before I get ahead of myself let me break this down and explain where I am going.

Earlier I named a few businesses that you can invest in monetarily, then I said you must invest in you. But this time I meant not only monetarily for your business. Think more broad. More long-term. Invest in books, for your common knowledge to teach yourself and others. Invest time into your mornings for a proper fitness plan to become healthier. Invest your words into someone so that they can learn to speak with purpose and confidence. Invest your mind into that million dollar idea you have been thinking of but haven't written down yet. Make you a BETTER you. Invest in YOURSELF! 

Just like currency, when we invest we are seeking a return. With the right preparation it is easily obtainable. No, I don't have all the answers how to get there or I would be a million dollar man myself and you would be reading this in my book lol. But what I can tell you is that I am investing in myself to learn how to. When you get older into your 40s, 50s and 60s your children and grandchildren will look to you for wisdom. Knowledge. Something you learned today that somehow they missed the lesson on down the road. Will you be able to provide that for them? "You will only learn what you recognize is a lesson". You want to sell cars? Go read, do hours of research! Invest that knowledge into yourself today. The goal is to have as many answers as possible. If you really care about something you will want to learn it inside and out. Master that craft! Master that idea! Feel like no one knows that "it" like you know that "it". People, places, things, ideas. Whatever your "it" is of 2017. You want to lose some pounds before summer? Do 15 sit-ups right now (no really, right NOW!) and after you finish this post do another 10 sit-ups. Go grab some water because you're sweating. Now do 5. That's 30 sit-ups. Probably 30 more than you did yesterday and maybe even all of last year. Tomorrow start out at 20 and work your way up. It's really THAT easy people. We just need to stop being lazy and put pressure on ourselves and others. Challenge someone, then challenge yourself! I really want to go on and on about this topic because it is a very important step in getting to happiness and finding your way to your definition of success. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at ifitch90@gmail.com... Happy New Year to you and yours from myself and the Moxie1973 family. 




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The Cost of Comfort

Being THOUSANDS of miles away from home you finally get to sit back and catch up with yourself. When Snapchat won't load correctly. When Facebook statuses won't update. When your text messages won't send properly and in the event they do the recipient is 8 to 9hrs behind you so both of your schedules are off. When phone calls are $.20/min. Against your own personal will, you kinda catch up with yourself. You tend to do a lot of "self-checking" mixed with some "soul searching". You're not worried about what outfit to wear.You're not worried about what the weather will be like, or who said what about who on social media. It all goes away. It all just doesn't exist. Just you, your thoughts, and your well being. I'm not taking a hiatus from the world. I didn't choose to wander off into the land of wilderness with my RV and my trusty companion pup. I'm deployed.


One week in and I can already see the change in myself. Good change. Being able to get back to being me. Being able to find the "me" that I lost because I was caught up in the world. It's ultimately a breaking of sacrificing. I admire being the hero in disguise. The knight in shiny armor who saves the day. The guy that broke his back and became the bridge so everyone could successfully get across. Being here it's all about me again. Besides watching my Battle's back in combat, it's about me. I find myself always putting others first. A lot. More than I like to admit to. I was raised this way. I was taught this by my parents. Aside from the "Southern Hospitality" it's just my nature. I naturally am happy with the comfort of the next person over myself. If I give my lunch to a homeless person, I will eat later. They may not. If it's offering my jacket to someone who is cold, I will get heat later. They may not. Need an umbrella? Here's mine...It's just water. I'll be ok. I wouldn't say it's draining because that's just simply what I do. I like to see other people happy, even if it makes me temporarily uncomfortable. Even if it costs me money. Even if it costs me hours of driving or hours of sleep. Plenty of time I could be doing something for myself. I take the hit. Though you may think it should always have a positive outcome, it doesn't. Imagine giving the remainder of your meal (which you planned to eat) to someone who is obviously hungry just for them to examine it and later throw it away because it's not of their liking. Picture DRIVING 5.5hrs (11hrs round trip) to see someone you thought would be happy to see you just to find out they don't like surprises of that nature. Damn, right?


I'm suffering from what I was taught. [STORY TIME] I remember being roughly 12 or 13yrs old and I called my Mom to ask her may I eat the chicken leftovers she had from a BBQ place the day before. She said I could. After opening the plate, I noticed there were also ribs inside. Well I now wanted chicken and ribs. With this new desire, I decided to eat both chicken AND ribs. Well, that didn't go as planned. Mom later came home around 11pm with the taste of ribs to eat for dinner. But there were none. She bought the meal, saved those ribs and after being forced to work overtime, just wanted ribs to come home to at the end of her day. But, there were none. She doesn't know it but that changed my outlook on life forever. Though it was a simple mistake on my part it was deeper than that. It was also greediness. Inconsiderate. Selfish. Yea it's just ribs, yea it's just food. But I saw the frustration on her face. Though she didn't say anything about it, I realized how much she was looking forward to THAT meal while everything else was closed. I asked for chicken, I should've eaten just chicken. If I wanted ribs, I should've asked for ribs. Little things. Isaac Newton said "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". She took me to school, left work, picked me up from school, dropped me off at home, went back to work, worked later than expected and can't even come home to the food she set aside for herself. You know that your mother's disapproval or sadness effects you more than you like to admit. That's the Queen. If anyone gets what they want or deserve, she does. Ever since then I think about the next person more than myself. I've been providing for myself for quite some time now without the help of my parents. I've bought clothes, shoes, school books, etc since I was 16. I rarely ask for things from anyone, especially to inconvenience them so if I do it's highly important to me. You won't hear me complain. You probably won't notice my discomfort. I'm just not that guy. For 9  months, it's all about me. I say that realizing I was up last night sacrificing a couple hours of sleep for a conversation because I was 9hrs ahead of that person. lol We live in a day where people don't like to be uncomfortable. People don't like being inconvenienced. They feel their time is more valuable than the next. We live in a world of me, me, me. Take, take, take. Is it us millennials? Is this the way the world is slowly becoming? Are we secrectly preparing and evolving into a state of "survival of the fittest" that looks out for us and ONLY us? Or am I just TOO damn friendly? Do I care TOO much? lol. Am I the "there should be more people like you" example. Or the "Any woman would be lucky to have you" guy?


I'm realizing sometimes it's ok to be selfish. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. There's a thin line between sacrificing because you care and "doing the most"...Sadly you never know you crossed that line until it's too late.


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Dream Big, Leap.

The title says it all. I could stop right there and you can understand every point I'm trying to make. I can't push out enough how important it is to dream big. The higher your standards and expectations, the longer the fall. The longer fall, the more time to catch yourself. The more time to catch yourself, the more chances you have get back to the top. Let's put an illustration to it. You are on cliff one, we'll call that "Now". Across from you in the distance is cliff two, let's call that "WIWTB" (Where I Want To Be). What's it going to take to get from point A to point B? 

Most importantly and above all there must be TRUST in God Almighty. Without that you are trying to sail a sinking ship. It just won't work. His guidance and constant protection will keep you on the narrow path of not exactly where you want to be but where you NEED to be. It won't be easy. Everything that looks good, isn't always as sweet once you obtain it. That is why it is so important to approach every situation with prayer. Without prayer who knows if your situation was in the best interest of yourself. It might not be for you. You may end up somewhere you aren't destined to be. Always, ALWAYS, ALLLWAYYSS ask for guidance. It cost you nothing, and will save you a LOT! Funny how that sounds but it's true. Just ask. It could save you heartbreak, headaches and most of all...time. Time is a terrible thing to put in places it doesn't need to be. 

Also needed is momentum. You won't be able to leap from A to B just standing there. You must obtain momentum going into that stage. Start somewhere. Take a few steps back before the leap and do ground-work. You can't expect things to just land in your lap. Do some research and figure out how to get to point B. Get some momentum going so when you get to point B you know what to do once you get there. Also you know how to treat point B like you've been there before. Get your affairs in order so you aren't where you wanted to be for so long, and wondering what to do next. Focus on what you're doing, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Don't allow other people to distract you from your goal. It's so easy to get side tracked at the wrong moments. You've asked for guidance from God, you've taken your steps back to charge forward with momentum, you take the leap and.... You lose focus. You were distracted on how big the leap, or what someone said about how ugly your leap was, or what path you took. There will always be people to talk about you. There will be people stuck at point A all their life to secretly and sometimes PUBLICLY want you at point A with them. Very important to stay focused on the destination. As they say "Keep your eye on the prize" 

Let's say you don't reach that WIWTB cliff on the first leap. It's ok. Many of us have shot for that WIWTB place and fallen short. It's not uncommon. But you must realize that the higher you aim the longer the fall. If you missed your mark and fell short GET A GRIP. Literally. In one definition: Don't get frustrated. In another: Grab something on the way down. Get a grip and hold your place. Don't allow yourself to go allll the way down and plummet to a bottomless pit. The sooner you can recover, the closer you STILL are to your destination. A little more hard work and before you know it you've conquered the unthinkable. A lot easier said than done, I know. But this is just a reminder that you aren't alone. There are others that want to get to your destination, but no one is built like you.

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 I literally had to put on Erykah in Apple Music while I wrote this post. You already know my love for African American women is real but this picture takes the cake. It was shown to me amid the process of finding my latest tattoo's art by one my closest friends Shya. I fell in love with it as soon as she showed me. The picture has since been my background for my phone. As soon as I become a homeowner this will be hung front and center as the attraction in my home. Little does my future wife know (whomever that may be) but she will be recreating this image. With much negotiation I will push for it to be hung somewhere in our home. We will have guests come over, possibly her parents and ask who it is that the portrait is of and we'll just look at each other and smirk undecided whether to break the news of it being their daughter or we'll come up with a nice, fabricated story. I guess it all depends how receptive they would be of the idea that their daughter is hung as an attraction nude and on display. But I wouldn't want it any other way. Her, with her godly physique, admired (unless she is objects to the idea). If I'm blessed with a child I also think it would be dope to recreate it a few months into her pregnancy. Well that may be a bit much but thats my imagination running. But if I toss the idea and she is as excited about the idea than me then I'm all for it. It'll be a while so I have time to work on my sales pitch with it. PowerPoint, history lesson and all. The picture is so innocent, and seductive at the same time. The highlight of the curves around her waist. The peak of daybreak around her breasts. The mystery of this figure with no face. It only furthers my case of African American women being the most beautiful beings created.

Soundtrack: "Other Side of the Game" by Erykah Badu 

Realize. Prioritize. Capitalize.



Happy Holidays from the great people of Moxie1973.com! I hope you all genuinely enjoy the moments that the holidays bring with family and friends. Just recently I lost a good friend in Austin Harris and it was very hard to cope. Being in the military I rarely get to contact friends like I want to and visits come even more seldomly. Austin (often referred to ADot) was honestly the most stand-up guy I have ever encountered in my 25 years of living. I had the opportunity to kick it with him the last two times I was able to get home (July & October) and the one time we actually got to sit down and talk about life and our progressions was unexpectedly the last conversation we shared together. Austin was the last person I expected to leave this Earth so soon. I think everyone has that one reality check when losing someone close to where they realize that anyone can go at anytime. He was my check.  #RestUpADot

With that unexpected loss I knew I would be going home for the few days we were given off for Christmas break and Christmas is a double celebration because my father's birthday is the 26th. With that in mind I knew it had been a minute since me and my dad had some real bonding time with me trying to squeeze all my family and friends in my less than 4 day visit. While on the phone with him a couple weeks back I was trying to figure out what on Earth was I going to do for his birthday. Coming to reality with the fact that I am expected to be deployed August '16 for 9 months I will be missing him turning 60 next year. With this in mind I knew I had to try and give him something pretty good, enough to remember for 2 years lol. My dad is the biggest Knicks fan I know. Knicks hats, shirts, pants, sweat suits, banners, basketballs, dvd, all of that! Living only about 3 hours from Atlanta I thought maybe I could give him the opportunity to go see the Knicks play as a birthday gift since he hasn't been to a game since 1995 (literally). While I'm on the phone with him I begin looking up the schedule for the Knicks to see when they play in Atlanta. IRONICALLY December 26th they play each other in Atlanta. What are the odds?! I expected to send him with a friend, not be able to join him.

After making sure he didn't have any plans that weekend with his wife I proceeded to purchase the nearly $400 tickets. After spoiling my new nephew, buying for my mom, bills, and copping a little something for myself I have to admit my pockets were a little sore to say the least. But it wasn't about the money. I wasn't worried about how my account was looking. Dollar signs don't come close to comparison with quality time with my father doing something that will instill a lifetime memory he can look back on forever. Time is so short and when driving to and from Atlanta I glanced over a couple times just to look at him and be thankful that I have someone like him in my life that has loved me unconditionally for 25 years. I can admit in my teens I didn't want to hang out with my parents. I was more interested in running around with my friends and taking trips with other people I knew I would have "fun" with. I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to correct those mistakes and give me the chance to get that time with my father. Something no one can take away from us. Money will come and go, but opportunities like that don't come often. We must realize what's important and prioritize the things that will always be there compared to some that are once in a lifetime. Though it may have hurt my pocket a little, I get paid on the 1st and 15th throughout my deployment and career. I am not promised that I will ever get to share laughs, car conversations and arguments with my father again. We have to take advantage of these chances to be with loved ones and close friends. Being with my dad that entire day was the highlight of my year. Realize the situation. Prioritize by importance. Capitalize on the opportunities!

The Pressure, The Peers, The Clock

2015 is slowly coming to a close. And just like every year around December I look back and compare myself to the person I was a year ago to this date. See the progression. See the growth. Identify the lessons. Acknowledge the setbacks. I guess you can call it a self-check. In the midst of this self-check I'm also setting those goals for next year to hopefully conquer with the correct preparation. The toughest part is making those goals realistic. With today's society, economic state and the pressure to "make it" is there an overly hyped sensation of being "successful" so soon? It appears that the millionaires of today are getting younger and becoming our peers rather than older individuals. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and countless others were in their 20s when that lightbulb clicked and they seemingly overnight became household names and billionaires. It's like if you don't have a mortgage, car note, cable bill, college diploma(s), and a dream job that you are falling behind in life. It's the pressure of being a young adult. Not knowing whats around the corner. You gained a college degree but no job in your field. You start to wonder if those 4 years of stress and many years of debt ahead were really worth it. 

A transparency moment from your illustrator, a huge reason I joined the army was not because of the benefits. Not because I could travel the world. Not for the experiences but because I was afraid of "success" becoming further and further away from grasp. I wasn't in school at the moment and hadn't been for about a year and half. It felt like the walls of life were closing in on me. I was the kid that always had something going for himself. I held multiple jobs since 16. I once worked 3 jobs at one time because I loved making my own money THAT much. I had a sense of NEEDING to be independent. I never asked my parents for anything, and if I wanted something bad enough I always found a way to get it legally. I don't know why but I automatically assumed that we weren't in the best financial state because we didn't own certain material things, live in a certain neighborhood, or drive a certain vehicle. My parents could have 6 figures in the bank but I was a prideful child. I didn't like asking for help. I felt like I would've been a burden for my parents. I was asked often if I needed anything. My answer was constantly no. Back to joining the military, I saw time passing. I felt the pressure to make a move. I personally felt as if I wasn't progressing with life at the rate I should've been based on the people around me. My mind wasn't growing at the rate it should have been. All my friends were graduating. My peers were landing these dope internships, and getting hired at these corporate jobs and here I am. "Falling behind." My hand was forced. Something had to shake! and SOON! The Army was always an option for me. It initially crossed my mind immediately after graduating high school because I hated studying so much I just knew I wasn't the college type. I loved to learn but I hated to be tested/quizzed on it. Realizing that the Army decision was time sensitive and every other avenue I could choose wasn't, I prayed for the sign that it was the right decision. The sign came. Next thing I knew I was in the recruiter's office picking out my occupation and counting down the days to basic training. 

Looking back my biggest lesson to myself and something can share with others is that "success" isn't always made in your 20s. It's the trial and error stage. It's not the "now or never" stage that I perceived it be. I am now a quarter century old and if it's in God's plan I'm aiming for 100 so that means I have 3/4 of my life left to be "successful". I'm not even half as old as I plan to be so.....whats the rush? As long as you are continually growing daily whether it be in conversation, reading books, or working towards perfecting a craft make sure you are not keeping your mind idle. THAT is how you fall behind in life. Take your time. Find happiness. Continually grow in mind, spirit, and in health. 

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#PureMotives "The Movement"

"Pure Motives" is a saying, or theme rather, that I've been working with for about a year or so now. It's something I simply live by. I say "simply" but I find myself often having to check myself about it. In conjunction with my belief in Christianity, the two words help me go about my tasks from day to day. Pure Motives. The two words aren't complicated so don't read too deeply into it. Let's break down each word. 

Pure. Webster finds phrases such as "not mixed with anything" and "clean and not harmful in any way" to define the word. I couldn't agree more. When it's pure it's clear. It's clean. It's not tainted nor damaged. It's symbolically angelic. When it's pure there's no doubt. With that adjective you solidify the word that follows as nothing but itself and containing nothing but it. 

Motives. A reason to do something. The object of a person's actions. Whether you realize it or not, we make decisions day in and day out. Some made with a biased opinion and others made with an educational guess or research preceding. Just like your decisions, your actions say a lot about your character as a person. Your character is ultimately you.

Pure. Motives. Like you, I get up and proceed throughout my day completing tasks, making decision, and taking actions based on my thought process. Are these actions and decisions you make daily done with a clean heart that will be pleasing to God? Allow me to clean up the question a little. It's said that God loves a CHEERFUL giver. Tithing because you want to, not because you have to. That thought of WANTING to is operating with pure motives. You aren't giving just to seek a return. Steering away from the church, it has been instances where I am at odds with someone. We are having our differences. Rather than escalate the situation or problem to be mad all day, night and week I attempt to defuse the issue. Don't say things just to get a reaction out of them or just to get the last word in. In the end its not worth it. Clean your mind, clean your heart, seek a reasonable solution. Everything isn't going to go your way. That's with ANYTHING in life. But you can't attack your problems/issues with hidden intentions. Your motives must be PURE. Be honest with yourself. Why did you say this, why did you do that? Would God be pleased? 

I have learned to be pleased with the outcome of things. Whether it is a relationship, friendship, job, test, challenge, anything. If I know I did my personal best and operated with PURE MOTIVES at any topic at hand then I am positively sure that the outcome was God's doing upon my clean heart. I don't second guess Him nor His actions. Because I know He will ALWAYS do his part as long as I do mine. It feels so good to know that if I don't get things my way and I acted upon everything with pure, clean, and untainted motives it genuinely wasn't meant to be. There's no "what if" "well maybe" "it's not fair" to recite. I did my part and God ruled on it. It's one of those scattered thoughts that's hard to put on paper and explain. I hope it was to some help and understandable. Clean your mind, clean your heart, operate. In that order! 

If you have questions feel free to contact me at ifitch@mail.com