Dream Big, Leap.

The title says it all. I could stop right there and you can understand every point I'm trying to make. I can't push out enough how important it is to dream big. The higher your standards and expectations, the longer the fall. The longer fall, the more time to catch yourself. The more time to catch yourself, the more chances you have get back to the top. Let's put an illustration to it. You are on cliff one, we'll call that "Now". Across from you in the distance is cliff two, let's call that "WIWTB" (Where I Want To Be). What's it going to take to get from point A to point B? 

Most importantly and above all there must be TRUST in God Almighty. Without that you are trying to sail a sinking ship. It just won't work. His guidance and constant protection will keep you on the narrow path of not exactly where you want to be but where you NEED to be. It won't be easy. Everything that looks good, isn't always as sweet once you obtain it. That is why it is so important to approach every situation with prayer. Without prayer who knows if your situation was in the best interest of yourself. It might not be for you. You may end up somewhere you aren't destined to be. Always, ALWAYS, ALLLWAYYSS ask for guidance. It cost you nothing, and will save you a LOT! Funny how that sounds but it's true. Just ask. It could save you heartbreak, headaches and most of all...time. Time is a terrible thing to put in places it doesn't need to be. 

Also needed is momentum. You won't be able to leap from A to B just standing there. You must obtain momentum going into that stage. Start somewhere. Take a few steps back before the leap and do ground-work. You can't expect things to just land in your lap. Do some research and figure out how to get to point B. Get some momentum going so when you get to point B you know what to do once you get there. Also you know how to treat point B like you've been there before. Get your affairs in order so you aren't where you wanted to be for so long, and wondering what to do next. Focus on what you're doing, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Don't allow other people to distract you from your goal. It's so easy to get side tracked at the wrong moments. You've asked for guidance from God, you've taken your steps back to charge forward with momentum, you take the leap and.... You lose focus. You were distracted on how big the leap, or what someone said about how ugly your leap was, or what path you took. There will always be people to talk about you. There will be people stuck at point A all their life to secretly and sometimes PUBLICLY want you at point A with them. Very important to stay focused on the destination. As they say "Keep your eye on the prize" 

Let's say you don't reach that WIWTB cliff on the first leap. It's ok. Many of us have shot for that WIWTB place and fallen short. It's not uncommon. But you must realize that the higher you aim the longer the fall. If you missed your mark and fell short GET A GRIP. Literally. In one definition: Don't get frustrated. In another: Grab something on the way down. Get a grip and hold your place. Don't allow yourself to go allll the way down and plummet to a bottomless pit. The sooner you can recover, the closer you STILL are to your destination. A little more hard work and before you know it you've conquered the unthinkable. A lot easier said than done, I know. But this is just a reminder that you aren't alone. There are others that want to get to your destination, but no one is built like you.

Soundtrack: Kanye - "Street Lights"