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The summer of 2015 in partnership with the Brooklyn Bodega to celebrate our culture we gathered the next wave of young emerging dancers, deejays, emcees, sneaker heads and visual artist to convene under one building to propel the culture forward. In the nature of hip hop there is a competitive element to it, but at the end of the day it's all about the love for the culture. This exhibition  represented the culture of Hip Hop in its rawest form, and it took place at one of the only festivals that still represents the raw essence of Hip-Hop, but on a bigger stage and platform, "The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival"! The exhibition took place July 10th at Littlefield NYC in Brooklyn. 

The Exhibition Ingredients

Juice celebrates the legacy of hip hop by gathering the next wave of young emerging dancers, deejays, mc's, beat makers, sneakerheads, and visual/graffiti artists to convene under one roof and showcase each element simultaneously through our exhibitions for one night, one show, one culture:  Dance Off, Salute The DJ, Tidal Show & Prove Showcase, Beat Showcase, Sneaker Gallery, and Art Gallery. 



This ingredient the exhibition is to showcase the DJ's presence, crowd control, crate digging, mixing, versatility, and technical abilities. Here are the DJ's participating. 


 Tidal Discovery Show & Prove Showcase  

“Show & Prove”, “Who Got BARS”, and "Tidal" come together to present the Tidal Discovery Show & Prove Showcase. We are showcasing those MC who showcases originality, delivery, and lyricism on a wide scale. At the core they represent an MC who is authentic, and who will soon transcend the culture.

Dance Off    

Litefeet is a hip-hop dance style started in Harlem the term Ag voice of voice of Harlem. The style itself was created in 2005-2006 over the course of 10 years it has been built & shaped by various dancers. Which adventured into the Bronx then eventually all five NYC boroughs, Tri state areas, & now different countries such as Japan, Paris, Argentina, Russia & etc. Litefeet consist of different dance trends that blend together such as the chicken noodle soup,the harlem shake, tone wop, & the bad one but it's more than 20+ dance moves/trends in litefeet's catalog. One such unique thing about this style is that  you can blend any dance style. Recently its been gaining a lot of attention by being represented on the NYC subway for "Showtime". .Many believe is the rebirth of hip hop culture not only from dance, but also from the music aspect of it has a boom bap feel but imagine it on steroids. Soon people will know the 10 year history behind litefeet, but it is hard to document everything while it is constantly evolving. Witness this evolution through these two crews on July 10th. 

Art Gallery    

 Art has always been another form of expression for the culture starting with graffiti, but has transitioned to graphic design, painting, photography, and film making. This ingredient of the culture documents everything that is relevant to our culture, but is tangible and visible.


The sneaker is the staple to the hip hop culture when it pertains to style. Sneakers has birth a sub culture of hip hop called the Sneaker Culture that is represented by the "Sneaker Heads" . We have put together a gallery of sneakers that will display a collection of rare, limited, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks.