Moxie 1973 x Crushed Gold : Juice Garden State

Juice Garden State merchandise is officially here. Collaborating with Jersey City brand Crushed Gold, Juice created the perfect closet staples to represent Jersey and all it has to offer. Releasing a pullover windbreaker and a classic crewneck. These items are perfect for any debonair of a man and any fashionista of a woman.

The color palette for the pullover represents different elements of Jersey. Green, for the Garden State; the Jets that play at the Meadowlands. Red for the New Jersey Devils; the old school Nets basketball team. Blue for the Giants who share the Meadowlands stadium. This jacket says Jersey without having to. It is an urban piece that will be available in two different versions; fleece lined for the colder months, and mesh lined for the spring.

The crewneck is offered in cool grey accompanied by comfortable cotton with the Juice logo perfectly stitched right in the middle. This also incorporates some of the colors from the jackets palette including green and red. Crewnecks are timeless, they can be worn all year round and the simplicity of the Juice x Crushed Gold design makes it perfect for any sense of style.

The merchandise gives a throwback vibe that is both vintage but progressive; innovative but appropriate. When you wear either piece, you stand out in the most mature way possible; it gives you a sense of identity. With one of a kind Crushed Gold patches on the back and the sleeve, the entire city will know who you’re representing, get yours today.

Photo Taken by Ase. Stone

Written by Rakiya George

Video by Juan Roque