Chilltown Social is Moxie 1973’s Party Series dedicated to their hometown Jersey City, Nj also known as Chilltown. Jersey City being ranked the number 2 diverse city in the nation we want to display that diversity within the millennial generation through music & drinks. The city was named Chilltown due to the massive house and block that were taken place throughout the whole city, and it was a place to just hang out with no problems.  It did not matter if you was a superstar athlete, actor, artists, or entertainer you can come to Jersey City to have a good time and be away from all the noise that was happening around the world or even the big city of New York. Through this social we want to revive the party scene our city was first known for, but most importantly bring every area of Jersey City together. We are not limited to only parties per say, but each Chilltown Social will consist of getting the city together. Welcome to the Chilltown Social.