If Grace Hall & Porta had a baby it will be the Chilltown Social. It's a vibe you can only get from the city. 

We have @Midnitethedj@bizznice, and @stragglifescott providing the soundtrack for the night. While @gfefocus & @stefgeeani holds the vibe as our hosts. 

Come to dance all night, connect with the cats that's making the city shake, turn up for some birthdays, but bottom line just come from the vibes that our city offers in peace. 

Welcome to the Chilltown Social.

Happy Birthday Rakiya, Otis, Fabian, International ROME and Ern. 


Moxie 1973 x Crushed Gold: Juice Garden State Merch

transparent moxielogo1.png

Brace yourself for the main event

We are on a mission to shift the culture

Bumping College Dropout, God Bless Americans

We like our raps extra prolific

We living in tomorrow, a tissue for your sorrows

  Speaking for the youngins to give them something to reach for, but we can't do it alone

Here’s a footnote on the blueprint.

Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution

Free the mind, heal the body, talking evolution

We ask for strength from the Lord up above

We don’t stop until we see the end, our vision clear

They will never re-write this, like they re-wrote history

 We are the rose that grew from the concrete.

Moxie. Negus.