More about nothing in reasonable doubt. In My Own Words, from me to u, I Invite the ghetto fabolous with the kiss of death and the young OGs with street dreams to get rich or die trying to a thriller night so far gone from the regular. You don’t need a warm up because after this night nothing will be the same. Here, there is no such thing as fame, and wins and losses are non existent because that’s a miseducation. Only thing that matters is making it to the victory lap because that’s where life is good.

It’s honestly another damn party celebrating the krazy life of Juels Pierrot in a city where It’s dark and hell is hot. 

No late registration, RSVP for your diplomatic immunity by 4:44 day of. 

Lord Willin’ we will see you This saturday.

- Sincerely, The Good Kid In A Mad City