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"Nothing more influential than rap music
We merge jazz fusion with the trap music
We mix black soul with some rock and roll
They never box us in, we David Blaine-ing all you" 


Wade Brown

Born and raised with soul, Wade Brown is all about the groove. A  Shreveport, Louisiana native, who spent the majority of his life in Alabama. The foundation of life itself is love, and he wants to spread that love throughout the world with songs that make you think differently. They truly put a smile on your face, and make you think of a great past time. He wants you to get in a mood and focus about things that are speaking to you. “Feel it in your soul”, he says; make the words marinate and uplift you. Wade Brown is a musical healer. Don't fake the funk. Keep it groovy.


Petey x Kraze

Jersey City, NJ young natives Petey & Kraze are a dynamic hip hop duo and they have been rocking together since high school. They now attend New Jersey City University working diligently to get a degree in media arts. They have a big love for the culture and they stay true to themselves through every line in their raps. If you could mix swag rap , with lyricism and struggle, the outcome would be these guys. Petey xKraze say they don’t only want to be the greatest but they want to be incomparable. Listening to their music and seeing them perform you can see that they are already legends in the making.



Music has always been innate for Brooklyn songstress RKHTY. While pursuing adoctoral degree at a prestigious university, she found her true passion knocking at the door. She answered and the rest has become history. RKHTY prefers to remain unboxed by a particular music genre as she draws inspiration from a continuum of artists, both old and new. Her sole focus is creating optimistic and uplifting music. In an era when artists are replicating both image and sound, RKHTY unequivocally sets the bar. With a sound that is reminiscent of the past with a futuristic flow, she masterfully delivers unforgettable performances. Her spin on new age hits and beloved classics continue to showcase the breadth of her artistry.