I literally had to put on Erykah in Apple Music while I wrote this post. You already know my love for African American women is real but this picture takes the cake. It was shown to me amid the process of finding my latest tattoo's art by one my closest friends Shya. I fell in love with it as soon as she showed me. The picture has since been my background for my phone. As soon as I become a homeowner this will be hung front and center as the attraction in my home. Little does my future wife know (whomever that may be) but she will be recreating this image. With much negotiation I will push for it to be hung somewhere in our home. We will have guests come over, possibly her parents and ask who it is that the portrait is of and we'll just look at each other and smirk undecided whether to break the news of it being their daughter or we'll come up with a nice, fabricated story. I guess it all depends how receptive they would be of the idea that their daughter is hung as an attraction nude and on display. But I wouldn't want it any other way. Her, with her godly physique, admired (unless she is objects to the idea). If I'm blessed with a child I also think it would be dope to recreate it a few months into her pregnancy. Well that may be a bit much but thats my imagination running. But if I toss the idea and she is as excited about the idea than me then I'm all for it. It'll be a while so I have time to work on my sales pitch with it. PowerPoint, history lesson and all. The picture is so innocent, and seductive at the same time. The highlight of the curves around her waist. The peak of daybreak around her breasts. The mystery of this figure with no face. It only furthers my case of African American women being the most beautiful beings created.

Soundtrack: "Other Side of the Game" by Erykah Badu