#PureMotives "The Movement"

"Pure Motives" is a saying, or theme rather, that I've been working with for about a year or so now. It's something I simply live by. I say "simply" but I find myself often having to check myself about it. In conjunction with my belief in Christianity, the two words help me go about my tasks from day to day. Pure Motives. The two words aren't complicated so don't read too deeply into it. Let's break down each word. 

Pure. Webster finds phrases such as "not mixed with anything" and "clean and not harmful in any way" to define the word. I couldn't agree more. When it's pure it's clear. It's clean. It's not tainted nor damaged. It's symbolically angelic. When it's pure there's no doubt. With that adjective you solidify the word that follows as nothing but itself and containing nothing but it. 

Motives. A reason to do something. The object of a person's actions. Whether you realize it or not, we make decisions day in and day out. Some made with a biased opinion and others made with an educational guess or research preceding. Just like your decisions, your actions say a lot about your character as a person. Your character is ultimately you.

Pure. Motives. Like you, I get up and proceed throughout my day completing tasks, making decision, and taking actions based on my thought process. Are these actions and decisions you make daily done with a clean heart that will be pleasing to God? Allow me to clean up the question a little. It's said that God loves a CHEERFUL giver. Tithing because you want to, not because you have to. That thought of WANTING to is operating with pure motives. You aren't giving just to seek a return. Steering away from the church, it has been instances where I am at odds with someone. We are having our differences. Rather than escalate the situation or problem to be mad all day, night and week I attempt to defuse the issue. Don't say things just to get a reaction out of them or just to get the last word in. In the end its not worth it. Clean your mind, clean your heart, seek a reasonable solution. Everything isn't going to go your way. That's with ANYTHING in life. But you can't attack your problems/issues with hidden intentions. Your motives must be PURE. Be honest with yourself. Why did you say this, why did you do that? Would God be pleased? 

I have learned to be pleased with the outcome of things. Whether it is a relationship, friendship, job, test, challenge, anything. If I know I did my personal best and operated with PURE MOTIVES at any topic at hand then I am positively sure that the outcome was God's doing upon my clean heart. I don't second guess Him nor His actions. Because I know He will ALWAYS do his part as long as I do mine. It feels so good to know that if I don't get things my way and I acted upon everything with pure, clean, and untainted motives it genuinely wasn't meant to be. There's no "what if" "well maybe" "it's not fair" to recite. I did my part and God ruled on it. It's one of those scattered thoughts that's hard to put on paper and explain. I hope it was to some help and understandable. Clean your mind, clean your heart, operate. In that order! 

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