"The Confirmation"


As I type this I am an African American male. Age:26. Occupation: United States Army Department of Defense personnel. Location: Secret (Deployed). I lie here at 10:30 pm still in disbelief. Completely shocked at how short the span of 8 years has been. It felt like 2 weeks ago when I lined up outside of Rolling Hills Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama awaiting my very first opportunity to vote for the next President of the United States of America. It was a cold, fall day in Alabama, and also my birthday. Becoming officially legal to vote on the EXACT same day as the election was by far one of the luckiest days of my life. From 2008's "Yes We Can" to 2012's "Yes We Will" and concluding 2016 with "Yes We Did" Barack Obama changed the perspective of not only African Americans but people all over the world. He gave us hope. He humbly showed us that becoming an African American male President in one of the most racist countries in the world was possible. Seeing a man that looked like me in control of our government was historical. There's a joy when your high school team wins the state championship. There's an excitement when your favorite college team wins the NCAA tournament. But there is an indescribable feeling that comes over you when the unthinkable and unimaginable happens. We as a race were once counted as 3/5 of an actual human being. Today we are the Commander In Chief. The highest position our government holds. It was told to us as kids that "you can be whatever you want to be, even the president". The older I got the more unrealistic it sounded. November 4, 2008 he proved it possible. He was "the confirmation". With untouchable swagger, unmatchable character, and influence that touched millions he was the father figure some men today don't have. The male role model for women to find in a significant other. The remarkably cool "Uncle Obeezy" that we all wish we actually knew and could hang out with on the weekends. As a soldier in the United States Army I salute you sir, President Obama. As an African American brother to another, thank you. You did a phenomenal job. I wish you, Michelle and the rest of your beautiful family nothing but success in the future. 




Specialist Isaac Fitch, US ARMY