Happy 2017 beautiful people. As always, and every year, there are those New Year New Me posts. Normally I frown upon those with the QUICKNESS! But let's be honest, if it didn't work last year then a "New you" might be in order. Maybe it's not a "new you" that needs to be produced. Maybe it's just slight, certain habits or tendencies you need to change about yourself that will help you progress throughout the new year and hopefully set yourself up for a lifetime of continuedprogress. I know what I need to work on personally and it could also be your "oh that's definitely me". 

Invest! There are a million and one things we can "invest" in. You've got Nasdaq, Nike, Apple, Dow Jones, and the list goes on. That just names a few. Did you see your name? Neither did I. And that is what we need to change!

To get to where we want in life we must be equipped when we get there. We can pray and pray for where we want God to put us, and what significant other we want him to send. If we aren't doing the proper preparations and ground work for ourselves, when we finally receive it we won't be ready. This new year we need to learn how to INVEST in ourselves. I know, there are many ways to look at that challenge. This is my 2017 challenge to myself. You can also accept this challenge and even challenge someone else! Before I get ahead of myself let me break this down and explain where I am going.

Earlier I named a few businesses that you can invest in monetarily, then I said you must invest in you. But this time I meant not only monetarily for your business. Think more broad. More long-term. Invest in books, for your common knowledge to teach yourself and others. Invest time into your mornings for a proper fitness plan to become healthier. Invest your words into someone so that they can learn to speak with purpose and confidence. Invest your mind into that million dollar idea you have been thinking of but haven't written down yet. Make you a BETTER you. Invest in YOURSELF! 

Just like currency, when we invest we are seeking a return. With the right preparation it is easily obtainable. No, I don't have all the answers how to get there or I would be a million dollar man myself and you would be reading this in my book lol. But what I can tell you is that I am investing in myself to learn how to. When you get older into your 40s, 50s and 60s your children and grandchildren will look to you for wisdom. Knowledge. Something you learned today that somehow they missed the lesson on down the road. Will you be able to provide that for them? "You will only learn what you recognize is a lesson". You want to sell cars? Go read, do hours of research! Invest that knowledge into yourself today. The goal is to have as many answers as possible. If you really care about something you will want to learn it inside and out. Master that craft! Master that idea! Feel like no one knows that "it" like you know that "it". People, places, things, ideas. Whatever your "it" is of 2017. You want to lose some pounds before summer? Do 15 sit-ups right now (no really, right NOW!) and after you finish this post do another 10 sit-ups. Go grab some water because you're sweating. Now do 5. That's 30 sit-ups. Probably 30 more than you did yesterday and maybe even all of last year. Tomorrow start out at 20 and work your way up. It's really THAT easy people. We just need to stop being lazy and put pressure on ourselves and others. Challenge someone, then challenge yourself! I really want to go on and on about this topic because it is a very important step in getting to happiness and finding your way to your definition of success. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at Happy New Year to you and yours from myself and the Moxie1973 family. 




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