Sample 002: Redeye Flight -Juice In-Flight DJ Battle

Shot & Edited by Juan Roque

On Friday March 17, 2017 Moxie delivered Sample 002 of our Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition sample tour. We took flight at the Jersey City based boutique The Clearport to host an “in-flight” DJ battle between DJ Midnite and DJ Rydeout. For those who could not attend, you truly missed the vibes; when was the last time you ever heard of Jersey City hosting a DJ battle?

From the moment you stepped in, the ambiance and energy shifted from the diverse urban jungle in which we reside in, to a place of cultural creation.  The air radiated with sounds of hip hop and the chatter of Jersey City natives. Old friends reconnected while throwback beats were being mixed and blended with new lyrics. There was a soft exchange of words amongst the crowd while the two DJ’s let the notes fly. This is a precursor to our up and coming exhibition on April 1st at Cathedral Hall; as most of you know, the Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition is a MUST.

In addition to the DJ’s setting the tone and guests vibing out, Jersey City’s talented artist Mr. DT created dope collectible art pieces. The pieces consisted of a vintage vinyl player, as well as a records, cassettes and a boom box. These items will be returning at the hip hop exhibition and will be raffled to a couple lucky guests. Again, Moxie offered a mixing pot of hip hop’s elements and created an iconic vibe with more to come.

Thank you to The Clearport and it's founder Hayoner for allowing us to partner with them for this sample. Follow them on twitter and instagram at @theclrprt. Of course, follow our Moxie account as well @Moxie1973_ for all updates and announcements leading to the exhibition.

We would like to thank all that attended and just a friendly reminder that Sample 003 will be taking place on Wednesday, March 29th at Cafe Sole. Small Victories Showcase/Open Mic will be our final sample event before the main attraction that will take place the following Saturday. If you happened to miss the first two samples, you’d definitely want to get a swig of the last one!

Written by  AJ & Rakiya George

Photos Taken By @ase.stone