When building anything you must have a solid foundation. We first broke ground in Huntsville,Al and now we’re going back to recreate and expand upon where we began.

Black History Month x AAMU & ASU Weekend! We love our HBCU for everything it provided and the foundation it gave us. February 8th & 9th A couple OF alumni,current students, AND OURSELVES want to connect, share stories, and celebrate art & music. This is home and we cordially invite you to Our Open House !! 

Our focus for going to an university is not merely to find a job after college, but to tap into purpose. The university should equip us with the basic tools to transition our purpose to a career. We are given a certain amount of credits to obtain a degree, but what are you doing outside of the classroom to gain the true experience that the credits can be utilized as an asset to your purpose? Let’s talk about that it at our “Office Hours: Clock Into Your Purpose, Not Your Job” forum. We will bring a panel of Alabama A&M alumni who succeeded in the classroom while clocking into their purpose outside the classroom, and are now navigating their purpose in their career.



Soul Of The Past, Sound Of The Future

Nothing Is More Influential Than Rap Music.

We Merge Jazz Fusion With Trap Music 

We Mix Back Soul With Some Rock & Roll

They Never Box Us In, We David Blaine-ing All Of You

This Is Our New Beginning, Vibe With Us.... 




You Can't Spell Party Without Art

The Glowing Art Party Returns Back To Huntsville to where Juice had it's first tasting, but to focus on the art, the music, and the people.

The culture has glowed up so why can't the art? 

Gallery Artists