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One Night. One Show. One Culture.

Get ready as we announce the next wave of talented artists who will be at our Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition on Friday, July 15th.  This exhibition takes it back to the old school way of celebrating the Hip-Hop culture with young emerging Hip-Hop talents, uniting all the elements of the culture for one night for one huge jam session the day before the Finale Concert. This is where the elements of art, photography, dance, DJing and MCing are each highlighted through talents from the East Coast, Midwest and the South, who each bring their individual flavor while showing their love for the the Hip-Hop culture.  

The Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition will be proudly sponsored by Wingstop, who will keep the flavor flowing by providing FREE wings all night long.  Check out the amazing talents coming in for the Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition below.  





July 15,2016


Doors: 6:30pm
Start: 7pm-11pm


St. Ann's Warehouse
45 Water St
Brooklyn, NY 11201



The Exhibitions  

Juice celebrates the legacy of hip hop by gathering the next wave of  young emerging dancers, deejays, mc's, beat makers, sneakerheads, and visual/graffiti artists to convene under one roof and showcase each element simultaneously their talent through our exhibitions for one night, one show, one culture:  Dance Showcase, Salute The DJ, MC Showcase, Sneaker Photo Gallery, and Art Gallery.

This year we are showcasing each element of rap from the emerging hub cities of the culture. These cities adds it's own flavor to the culture, but the main core of the elements will always remain intact. The hub cities we are talking about is New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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The rapper is someone that rhymes. You can consider Dr Sues a rapper. You can rhyme cat and rap and you can be considered a rapper.
The MC is someone who either has the party rocker skill or that lyrical skill.
— Big Daddy Kane

The MC posses the great gift of communication. He has the ability to catch everybody’s attention with incredible display of verbal acrobatics and the power to command the crowd.  The MC moves the crowd because they are the master of ceremonies. The voice of the MC emerged from  party music to lyrics about the struggles in the inner city, self awareness, and revolution. Being a MC is an expression of self through words. They are the voice of the culture. 

Joining the MC Showcase roster are talented lyricists Your Old Droog, Taylor Bennet and Nick Grant.  This showcase will display each MCs originality, delivery and lyricism.

Your Old Droog

Taylor Bennett

Nick Grant

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The DJ

Well I could jump all over the place, all types of music, as long as the audience I’m playing for wants the vibration.
Giving them that different sound...take them on a musical journey
— Afrika Bambaataa

The DJ is the corner stone of Hip Hop. The DJ is the life of the party as well as the architect for the foundation of Hip Hop. The DJ played the music that influenced the first emcee's to spit on the mike and eventually evolve into the rappers of today. This led to the development of an entire culture, as the DJ played the soundtrack to peoples lives . The DJ is not just a prop at a good party. The DJ was the first Hip Hop artist, he is and will remain the main act at any Hip Hop show.

This ingredient the exhibition is to showcase the DJ's presence, crowd control, crate digging, mixing, versatility, and technical abilities. Here are the DJ's participating. 

On deck for the DJ showcase we have we have Kat Daddy Slim, who proudly hails from Georgia, but currently lives in the Big Apple and is known for infusing his DJ sets with good old school southern Hip-Hop.  We’ll also have DJ Midnite representing from New Jersey.  And last but not least, we will have Kerim the DJ, a proud Brooklyn native who has won numerous DJ battles nationwide.

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This was a voice of expression not by choice, but by default for people coming out of a really messed up social economic situation in the seventies and this meant life for people
— Crazy Legs

Dance form birthed from the Hip Hop Culture. The dance form were displayed during the breaks of a record span by the early DJ's, and that is where the Break boys also known as the Bboys took the stage and put on a show. The Bboys put on the show with these originals dance elements such as top rock, footwork, freezers, power moves, and later on added tricks, and flow. The Bboy dance elements are defining gravity, and is constantly testing the limits of the body. The Bboy is an underground community, its around the world, it touches everybody, and everybody is united. 

Breakin’ is the dance element to the culture. A style of street dance that incorporates intricate body movements, coordination, style, and aesthetics, this element was birthed within the culture and was the first form of competition within it. And so we gathered crews from NYC and Alabama to compete in this Hip-Hop element.

From Harlem, New York City we have Litefeet Nation along with one of its founding members, Chrybaby Cozie, will be joining the dance showcase. Chrybaby Cozie teaches Hip-Hop dance in his hometown Harlem, and has most recently performed at the Bad Boy Family Reunion as well as The Today Show.

We also have the Alabama A&M chapter of the huge Chicago dance crew, House Arrest 2 Ch 6 National Championship Dance Team Incorporated coming up to showcase their dance skills.

B. Seth, also an Alabama native, will be showcasing his unique dance style he’s developed throughout the past nine years of merging his self-taught street Hip-Hop style with the skills he’s acquired through taking dances classes of varied styles.  B. Seth has taught at numerous master classes and workshops nationwide and has even created his own dance organization, T.O.Y.S. (Turn On Your Speakers).

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Art Gallery    

People was using arts to express messages and codes that people can’t crack today. People change but art is going to be the art
— Swizz Beatz

 Art has always been another form of expression for the culture starting with graffiti, but has transitioned to graphic design, painting, photography, and film making. This ingredient of the culture documents everything that is relevant to our culture, but is tangible and visible

Art has always been central to the Hip-Hop culture’s form of expression.  Beginning with graffiti and transitioning to graphic design, painting, photography, and filmmaking, this element documents everything that is relevant to our culture and has helped to create a historical account of our beautiful and ever-expanding culture.  

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Ewing Sneakers Photo Gallery

Im a firm believer with getting fresh starts with your feet first...It’s just my love for rubber and leather.
— The Mayor

The kicks became the standard footwear for the youthful hip hop culture in the 70s, and now is the staple of style within the culture. Your whole fit start and end with the kicks. A true sneaker head has the knowledge, volume, exclusivity, rare, and OG kicks. It is not about having the most sneakers. It is about them being fresh and having some sense of value.

For this exhibit we unite two distinct elements of the culture, the sneaker element and the documentation of our culture through photos and videos element, creating a unique storytelling experience.  Photographers Justin Millhouse representing Detroit, MI, Fred Daniels representing Chicago, IL and Andy Mac representing Jersey City, NJ, were each provided with a pair of Limited Edition Ewing Athletic sneakers and will be capturing and displaying the essence of their city and/or cities they have traveled to through their pair of Ewings.

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