Eni is a soulful song bird from Hoboken that is trying to inspire the entire world one track at a time. She wants you to “catch the vibe” and be the best version of you. From her effortless style, to her infectious smile, it is easy to latch onto her everlasting positive energy. “I don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘shy’ specifically, I’d say ‘social awkward’. I am very much a social awkward, and it has to do more so, because I kind of just focused on myself. I’d be in my own world, just trying to figure myself out, so when it comes to breaking out and socializing with people, I’ve been so stuck into myself that I don’t really understand it, but I try to play along with it.”

She took the necessary mental steps to get to where she is today. This included breaking out of her comfort zone and really understanding her purpose in life; to spread Eni Vibes Worldwide. Music is her vibrant side; it speaks to her in ways that has not only been beneficial to her, but has spread to whoever comes in contact with her. Inspired by Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Jersey natives Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill, Eni’s sound is heartfelt with a tinge of doo-wop, mixed with that get you out of your seat type of sound.  

When she touches the stage, the rush of adrenaline from her is transferred to the crowd immediately. She wants you to move your feet, she wants you to join her on the stage. Eni is what a great vibe is all about. “I’m amazing, I’m phenomenal, I’m legendary. I’m the greatest of all time”, is what she lives by. She wants you to find that exact credo within yourself while you listen to her music. For her full testimony, watch here.

Produced by Moxie 1973

Cinematography & Edited by Juan Roque

Photos by Ase Stone

Written by Rakiya George

Interviewed by Juels Pierrot