Juice Testimony: DJ Midnite

Dj Midnite has been in the game for 15 years; that’s 15 years of growth, experience, and persistence. He’s become a master of blending beats and melody’s and if you’re from Jersey City, you’ve been to at least one DJ Midnite party in your life. “I just love music and hearing it remixed sounds a little better to me. Everybody listens to music regularly, but it’s like I said, I’d like to hear it remixed. Let me see how it sounds with this beat, let me see how this acapella would sound with that tone or melody. I just want a different sound basically.”

He goes by “The Untouchable”, meaning he’s an all-around master of his trade. He refuses to let anyone mimic his flow, or his style. His hustle has gone unmatched from his days of giving away his mixtapes to bring in revenue to having everything sell on its own from the strength of his reputation. Besides “The Untouchable”, he was also dubbed “Mr. No Days Off”; the name speaks for it-self.

Hard work is what got Midnite going, and that’s what he hopes younger dj’s will understand. “No lackin’, no slacking. Just keep ‘no days off’ in your head. Every day you wake up; just make sure you’re doing something.” He wants the youth to be as motivated as he was coming up in the game and he believes that the exhibition will open their eyes to the same theory. For the full Testimony, listen/watch here.

Produced by Moxie 1973

Cinematography & Edited by Juan Roque

Photos by Ase Stone

Written by Rakiya George

Interviewed by Juels Pierrot