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You’ll Never Know What In Life You Are Supposed To Be Doing Unless You Do It.
— Petey

As 2018 has come to an end and a new year has begun, the explicit truths PeteyxKraze speak on every record remains the same. If you went back and peeped every song in last years catalog, you would find the intimate story of their journey, personalities, and ambitions. For their first release of 2019 entitled “André”, PxK deliver a two-piece reflection of 2018, and express how last year contributed to their growth as not only artists, but men as well. Derived from the cheap champagne brand, “André” resembles a tiny celebration of life with hopes that their artistic efforts will build into a Moet lifestyle in years to come.

New Year, But Opportunity Can Come Any Day, And We Just Wanna Be Ready
— Kraze

Music Produced & Mixed by Petey

Artwork by Kraze

Photos by Andy Mac

Written By Marvin Ryles


Join PeteyXKraze as they reflect on last years trials and tribulations ON this IPHONE SHOT AND EDITED VISUAL. The verses within “New Years” are for those who seek balance between passion and reality. Jersey City has always been pleasure and pain for those who grew up aspiring for greatness, and “New Years” is an extension of that truth. PeteyxKraze’s creative aesthetic breathed life into the track, and delivered a vibe of the highest caliber. While Kraze relays his story in vivid detail, Petey uses his voice to confront the evils he sees throughout the city.…