Season V

Intensity, passion , lyricism, and originality, all collectively created the atmosphere for the fifth season of  the Who Got BARS?  Cypher Competition. Notably, the first round consisted of the traditional yet difficult to master, acapella . The MC’s were exposed to the challenge of delivering captivating rhymes that would gain the attention of the audience through and beyond the competition. Significantly, selected few of the artist had overcame the challenge and even embodied the common phase  ” First impression is everything” . Among these few were newcomers $oulja $wank and Melo. Although, the newcomers desire to proclaim victory was apparent veteran, Lyriiq reminded everyone of his status and determination to remain champion, and season three champion appeared like he wants the title back. But by the end of this season it was the three two final four MC from Chicago "IV" who left the Season IV Champ!  

Written By Misty Crawford