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Thinkin Of A Master Plan

What's money without happiness?

Born sinner, was never born to be perfect

We sip dom p, watchin Ghandi till we charged.

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice

We say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots

But in fox eyes, we the dark side

The fiend of hip-hop has got us stuck like the crack pipe

We’ve been observing the game and felt like we’ve seen enough

All these 90s fantasies on our mind

The difference is that with our’s, they all come true in due time

The whole industry been in shambles

Everybody fugazi, we are just changing the channel

Because we do this for the culture

Show em how to move in a room full of vultures

Industry shady it need to be taken over

Hate us because we are raising the status quo up

Our socket was out the plug, now it’s time to get the power back

We seen people abuse power, use power, misuse, and then lose power

Power to the people at last it’s a new hour.

Nothing more influential than rap music

We merge jazz fusion with the trap music

We mix black soul with some rock and roll

They never box us in, We David Blaining all you

Excellence in our presence. never tense, never hesitant

Stay far from timid. only make moves when our hearts in it

And live the phrase "Sky’s The Limit"

The marathon of this game always changes in pace

I got a feeling we can win this race, we’ve found our pace

We aint worried about losing, focused on winning

By any means whatever it takes

We rather die enormous than to live dormant

More or less life or death whatever the case

It’s all about your stamina it’s never the race  

Failure is not an option, success is just a process

Ready or not, here we come, You cant hide.

Brace yourself for the main event

We are on a mission trying to shift the culture

Bumping College Dropout, God Bless Americans

We like our raps extra prolific

We living in tomorrow, a tissue for your sorrows

 Speaking for the youngins to give them something to reach for, but we can't do it alone

Here’s a footnote on the blueprint.

Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution

Free the mind, heal the body, talking evolution

We ask for strength from the Lord up above

We don’t stop until we see the end, our vision clear

They will never re-write this, like they re-wrote history

We are the rose that grew from the concrete.

Moxie. Negus.