Juice Testimony: Mr.DT201

Jersey City native, Derek Tunia is an artist who prides his self on being different. His sole purpose is to be as creative as he can be, and to always stand out in the most positive way possible. When asked “What do you love most about your art”, Tunia said “Being able to express myself, because that’s what art is, and I do it through different ways. ‘Never Normal’ is my thing. I always try to make people realize you can be different and that’s what I usually push in my art.”

His work is ‘Never Normal’ because he strays away from clichés; paintings of Tupac and Marilyn Monroe aren’t his style, everyone has done that. To fully be a creative, you have to be able to think outside of the box and expand your abilities as an artist. Tunia is into creativity and letting your mind flow; he doesn’t have a particular process when creating, it just happens.

Inspired by Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Roy Lichenstein, Tunia always aims to do something different. Now to tie hip-hop into the conversation, we asked “How does rap music influence your art”, Tunia said “Music gets me hype when I paint; all types of music, especially hip-hop since that’s what I grew up on being from Jersey City.” Throughout his Testimony you learn more about his character as an individual; from what is considered “fine art”, the true meaning of support, and gentrification in Jersey City. Watch to the full Testimony here.

Produced by Moxie 1973

Cinematography & Edited by Juan Roque

Photos by Ase Stone

Written by Rakiya George

Interviewed by Juels Pierrot