Juice Testimony: Kevlove

Kevlove is a DJ from Jersey City, New Jersey that is shaking his way into the hearts of many. “I’ve always been into music. I’ve been djing longer than people think, just not physically. I used to mess around with pc programs in grade school and high school. It wasn’t until college when I was able to save up for actual equipment. It started out a hobby, and then I realized I could really do something with this and started pursuing it after that.” He has been booked at Porta, Pizza Zoo, SXSW, and is continuously getting his name out to the public.

From a traditional home, he motivated his self to be the best DJ he could possibly be. “There is no plan b”. In his Testimony, you’ll find out that he’s done his research on dj-ing and is completely invested into the craft. His inspirations are what are helping him build as a person as well as a brand. “I gather all of these influences and create one experience from that.” He wants to leave his mark.

The basis of his profession is solely to inspire others. “Without people, who are you?” He wants to not only put on a show during his set, but he wants to leave a lasting impression on everyone in the building. In addition to accomplishing all of that, he still stays true to staying in his lane; his career is a learning process, where he plays both the teacher and the student. Kevlove hopes to inspire all that attend Juice Hip Hop Exhibition, to get his full Testimony watch/listen here.

Produced by Moxie 1973

Cinematography & Edited by Juan Roque

Photos by Ase Stone

Written by Rakiya George

Interviewed by Juels Pierrot