In a city where uplifting is crucial, an event is coming to not only change people’s lives, but is going to put The Culture back in perspective. The streets are deranged with crime and a loss of direction, so why not have an event that let’s this state know that we’re still dope? That we’re still conscious creators that have a passion for the arts and all that it entails.

JUICE: Hip Hop is the Religion. Rap is the Gospel. Juice is the Church.

We’re bringing you The Culture in full effect; with a large line-up of emcees, artists, deejays, dancers, entrepreneurs, designers, and so much more. Look at all that Jersey has created: Lauryn Hill, Naughty by Nature, Karen Civil, Joe Budden, Queen Latifah; rich in talent and rich in diversity. There are so many intriguing people that have paved the way for the talent of today.

Now look at what this Church is bringing you on April 1, 2017: Tsu Surf, Moruf, Dougie F, Quiana Parks, DJ Midnite, Asha, and the list keeps going. These creatives are preparing to bless you all with their talent and drive. This event is for you to get inspired, to wake up, and to represent.

The purpose of this is to unite all of the elements of hip-hop and let the youth know what it really is about. It’s a mixing pot of what hip-hop has been all along; a way of life, not just rap. It’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, and it’s a story. Each person involved will be telling their story through their talent. Pay close attention, take every moment in, and cherish all that this Church has to offer.

The Garden State is going to rise up and show the community what it’s capable of. Get ready for a night of sensational blessings and networking. Located on 380 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, New Jersey we’re bringing an event that will revolutionize hip-hop and make you realize just how amazing our people can be.

Garden State Ingredients


Design by Wakeemah Sawyer

Words by Rakiya George

Video by Juan Roque

Photo by Ase Stone

Edited by Juels Pierrot