One Night. One Show. One Culture.

There was no where for all elements  of the culture to live under one roof and be celebrated at the same time. Hip-hop is more than just rap. We are a culture that includes different elements such as the djs, artists, producers, sneakerheads, and entrepreneurs. We created “Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition.” With this event we celebrate each element by holding an art gallery,emcee showcase, dance off, dj showcase/battle, producer sets, art/photo gallery, and clothing market all for one night, one show, and one culture. We have curated this exhibition annually since 2013. The first two in the "Rocket City" Huntsville, Al, and these past three summer we curated the exhibition during the 11th - 13th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival produced by Brooklyn Bodega. Our culture is gradually growing and continually changing. We took on the challenge of collecting it under one roof to emphasize we are all one.